About LPL Financial

LPL Financial is one of the nation’s leading financial services companies and a publicly traded company under ticker symbol LPLA. The firm’s mission is rooted in the belief that objective financial guidance is a fundamental need for everyone. LPL does not offer proprietary investment products or engage in investment banking activities; this means advisors affiliated with LPL are not pressured or influenced by LPL to sell its products. Thousands of financial advisors nationwide are able to rely on the firm’s tools and resources to help them provide financial guidance and recommendations to help meet their clients’ needs.
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Using LPL’s comprehensive array of tools and resources, CapWealth is able to retain our independence, bound by our fiduciary duty to act in your best interest at all times.

CapWealth’s affiliation with LPL offers many advantages for our clients, including:

  • We are not employees, but independent advisors with no obligations to a company, investment product manufacturers, or shareholders.
  • We have no sales quotas or home office directives that might otherwise lead to conflicts of interest.
  • The research and analysis we receive from LPL is objective; LPL does not offer proprietary products or engage in investment banking.
  • Our investment recommendations are reviewed so they focus on LPL’s rigorous due diligence standards.
  • LPL provides us with innovative technology, such as direct access to real-time account data so you can track your investments, and consolidated statements with all of your important information — purchases, sales, cost basis, income, and dividend distributions.

* As reported by Financial Planning magazine, June 1996-2020, based on total revenue.

** As of December 31, 2020


Because of CapWealth’s affiliation with LPL, your assets are protected with multiple levels of security:

  • Our SIPC membership provides account protection up to a maximum of $500,000 per customer, of which $250,000 may be claims for cash.***
  • London Insurers provides securities protection to cover the net equity of customer accounts up to an overall aggregate firm limit of $575 million (protection is subject to terms and conditions).
  • With the multi-bank Insured Cash Account Program, deposits are eligible for up to $1.5 million of deposit insurance for individual and trust accounts, and up to $3 million of deposit insurance for joint accounts, both through the FDIC.
  • Insured Cash Account deposits are FDIC-insured to a maximum amount of $250,000 (including principal and accrued interest), and is aggregated with all other deposits held by you in the same recognized legal capacity at the same bank. Other investment holdings are subject to loss.

*** The account protection applies when an SIPC member firm fails financially and is unable to meet obligations to securities clients, but it does not protect against losses from the rise and fall in the market value of investments. For more information on what our SIPC membership entails, please visit for a brochure. For FDIC insurance coverage information, log on to

The Private Trust Company, N.A. (PTC) is a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of LPL Financial, the nation’s largest independent broker dealer.* Acquired by LPL in February 2003, PTC manages trusts and family assets for the high net worth clients of LPL’s registered advisors. PTC is licensed in all 50 states under its 1995 national banking charter. PTC serves in a variety of capacities: as trustee, agent for family member trustees, successor to grantor trustees, and trustees of foundations and charitable trusts. Regulated and examined by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, a division of the U.S. Treasury Department, PTC is a member of the Federal Reserve Bank, and is audited by Deloitte &Touche LLP. Accounts at PTC are insured by Great American Insurance Company through a fiduciary bond of up to $15 million per occurrence.

LPL Financial Representatives offer access to Trust Services through The Private Trust Company N.A., an affiliate of LPL Financial.

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Because of CapWealth’s affiliation with LPL, your assets are managed with multiple levels of security:

With PTC, CapWealth can remain as your investment advisor and primary relationship manager for any trust accounts established. PTC assigns a trust officer (not a call center) who is responsible for all day to day administrative duties of the trust.

While LPL provides its technology, guidance, and oversight to assure prudent management, CapWealth and the trust’s beneficiaries establish a trust’s investment policy, providing flexibility for market conditions and client needs.

When considering requests for discretionary payouts under trust documents, PTC weighs heavily information we provide regarding your family dynamic, history, and relationships.

* As reported by Financial Planning magazine, June 1996-2020, based on total revenue.

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